KIRKOVE Murielle

Spécialiste (Space)

CSL (Centre Spatial de Liège)
Space sciences, Technologies and Astrophysics Research (STAR)

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Bât. B29 C.S.L. (Centre Spatial de Liège)
avenue Pré-Aily
4031 Angleur
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University degrees
1998: Master Degree in Mathématics (Université de Liège)
2005: PhD in Sciences, image processing (Université de Liège)


Murielle Kirkove holds a master's degree in Mathematics and a PhD in image processing applied to Astrophysics and Medical Imaging. From 2003 to 2007, she was an assistant in the Medical Imaging unit of the Physics department of the University of Liège. From 2007 to 2012, she worked as a scientific architect in the research unit of the Euresys company. She returned to work at the University of Liège in 2012 where she obtained two half-time contracts, one in the Signal Processing Laboratory of the Liège Space Center (CSL) and the other in the Signal and Image Exploitation Laboratory (INTELSIG) at the Montefiore Institute. She has been working full-time at the CSL since 2015.

At INTELSIG, she developed signal processing algorithms for drowsiness monitoring for the IGLESIAS project. At the CSL, she worked in the fields of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging and of non-destructive testing using laser techniques (Lasers & NDT). In the field of SAR imaging, she contributed to the projects SAOCOM TopSAR Processor, S1 Sigma_Naught Processor, Data Reader), SYMPA and SMAIAD. In the field of Lasers & NDT, she contributed to the projects AOC, Teccoma and Tera4All.

Her privileged field of expertise is signal processing (signal restoration (denoising, deconvolution, compressive sensing), inverse problems, wavelet analysis and machine learning) applied to physical problems in various domains. These problems concern in particular the following topics: the astronomical imagery, the scintigraphic imagery, the electroencephalography, the SAR imagery, the thermography, the interferometry, the shearography, the digital holography.

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Research field

  • Techniques d'imagerie et traitement d'images
  • Informatique générale
  • Analyse de Fourier
  • Analyse complexe
  • Analyse mathématique
  • Analyse numérique
  • Intelligence artificielle
  • Programmation du calcul numérique
  • Statistique appliquée
  • Imagerie médicale, radiologie, tomographie
  • Systèmes d'information géographique
  • Télédétection

Duties or mandates

  • Specialist in signal processing