The first workshop of the STAR Institute took place on 15 September 2017 in ULiege Hautes-Fagnes Station (Mont Rigi).


09:30 - Welcome / Mini General Assembly of the STAR institute (D. Grodent)

Session 1: Stellar physics

Chairperson: A. Noels

10:30 - Coffee break

Session 2: Planetology and exoplanetology                       

Chairperson: J.-C. Gérard

12:00 – Lunch and walk in Hautes-Fagnes. If appropriate weather: observation of the Sun with E. Jehin’s telescopes

Session 3: Instrumentation                                    

Chairperson: N. Grevesse

  • 15:00 - Presentation of the different laboratories of CSL
  1. M. Georges
  2. E. Graas
  3. J.-Y. Plesseria
  4. K. Fleury
  5. A. Orban
  6. Y. Stockman

Session 4: Cosmology

Chairperson: J. Cugnon 

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