The second workshop and General Assembly of the STAR Insistute took place on 4 February 2019 at the Chateau de Colonster (University of Liège).

 LOC : Valérie Van Grootel, Dominique Sluse, Board of STAR



09:00 - Welcome /  General Assembly of the STAR institute (D. Grodent)

  1. Overview of the UR, results, statistics, …
  2. discussion on a more visible organization of STAR as a research unit.
  3. new organization of research units from the new Rectoral team: what impact for us? ; Feedback from the VRR presentation at CPFR (Dec. 8th) (Valérie Van Grootel)
  4. presentation of the STAR budget (crédits classiques): MOSTAR (to end 2019) and WOWSTAR (to October 2020)
  5. News from CSL (Claude Jacqmin)
  6. Internal regulations and Web-page of UR STAR
  7. Committee regarding the use of the STAR calculation server?
  8. ERC Coaching: how do we organize this? (Olivier Absil)
  9. miscellaneous



The idea is to present ongoing, or starting, or only-in-your-mind projects that could benefit from interactions between STAR members, e.g. researchers, technicians, and engineers of CSL. The goal of the workshop is to benefit from the experience of previous projects, brainstorm about new ideas, and foster new collaborations.

Session 1: Space-based projects (I)

Chairperson: B. Bonfond

10:35 - Coffee break

Session 2: Ground-based projects (I)                       

Chairperson: Dominique Sluse

12:05 – Lunch

Session 3: Space-based projects (II)                                    

Chairperson: Pierre Rochus

  • 13:40 - Oufti Next: a thermal infrared Cubesat mission (S. Habraken) (20)
  • 14:00 - ICON and SMILE Mission - Far UV space instruments (J. Loicq) (15)
  • 14:15 - LIFE: Large Interferometer For Exoplanet (D. Defrère) (20)
  • 14:35 - Lunar XRF instrument (A. Carapelle)  (20)
  • 14:55 - The next step in the Solar System: Exploring Uranus and Neptune (B. Bonfond) (10)

Session 4: Ground-based projects (II)

Chairperson: Christian Barbier 

15:25 – Coffee break

Session 5: Techniques and expertises

Chairperson: Christian Barbier

Wrap-up and brainstorming

17:00 Claude Jacqmin, Denis Grodent

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